USAID Challenge TB/ KNCV granted Project is launched on May 26, 2018

To further strengthening the effort and to the achievement of the optimum result, REACH Ethiopia has continued Searching for possibilities of winning projects. As the result of such relentless effort, the organization has won a new project that focuses on "Strengthening contact investigation through health system intervention in selected districts of Sidama Zone (Shebedino, Boricha and Hawassa Zuria) in southern Ethiopia".  

 New Delhi, India Received The 2017 Kochon Prize award

was awarded on Tuesday, 13 March to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) for building a tradition of excellence in TB research and development. The 2017 Prize celebrated those who have been pushing scientific boundaries to improve the lives of people affected by TB. read more

REACH Ethiopia Received 2014 Kochon Prize award

Dr.Daniel Accepted the 2014 Stop TB Kochon Prize on behalf of REACH Ethiopia at the WHO global TB symposium on Tuesday,28 October KimDoo Hyun of the Kochon foundation and Lucica Ditiu of STOP TB Partnership presented the $65000 award

WAVE V Stop TB supported Project launching 

Towards a community test and treat strategy for TB in Ethiopia Project was launched in three different implementation areas Wendo genet, Shashemene Zuria & Kofele districts in August 2nd, August 4th, and September 5th, 2017. During the launching session, Various stakeholders MoH at all levels, BoFED, Zonal and woreda, donors, NGOs, Religious Organizations, Health Facilities, Media and staffs were present.

 Objectives of kick-off meeting are

 1. To stimulate interest and understanding of the project to ensure the involvement of government at all levels, the involvement and NTP, partners, influential and religious leaders as well as the HEWs and the field team

2. To create an opportunity whereby health and financial policy makers at district, zone and region level are engaged and to involve other relevant stakeholder to discuss on the cooperation expected throughout program implementation;

3. To engage donors in the process and update them on the level of integration between project implementing organization and government relevant authorities as well as the community; 

4. To start documenting on the process leading to the programme implementation;

 Catchment-based review meeting was held in ehealth Project implimentation areas from March 23/2017 upto March 29/2017 

The review meeting was held because of the following reseaons

  • To discuss on encountered challenges
  • to review project perfomance in each district
  • To provide solution on technically unsolved issues at field level
  • To establish and have common understanding among all actors on the implementation and performance of each project;
  • To draw lessons on effective Resource utilization, handling and importance of concerted efforts
  • To encourage field level staffs
    During the review meeting the following participants were present
  • District Health office officials and experts
  • District OoFED officials and experts
  • HCs staffs
  • HEWs
  • District supervisors of Reach Ethiopia
  • Reach Ethiopia zonal coordinators
  • Reach staff from the HQs   See more

1st International Symposium of CHWs was held in Hotel Africana, Kampala, Uganda from 21st-23rd February 2017 on title of abstract 

  1. Factors influencing the motivation of HEWs inSidama Zone Southern Ethiopia
  2. Perception and experience of supportive supervision as quality improvement intervention to improve the performance of health extension workers on maternal health in Sidama Zone, South Ethiopia. 

4th Global Symposium on Health systems Research was held in Vancouver convention center, Canada from 14-18 Nov 2017 on title of abstract

       Factors influencing motivation of CHWs: the case of Ethiopia HEWs: A qualitative study  

project: Population Based TB Case Finding Data Collection Training for Health workers and Health Extensions


Data collection training was given on October, 7-8/2016 at Yirgalem town. More than 120 participants were trained; and they all are directly involved in data and sample collection procedure.

Participants of training: data collectors 76 HEWs, 38 health professionals from 36 kebeles and 1 district TB focal, 1 district office head, Reach Ethiopia staff (facilitator) and supervisors were involved. The training was well organized, participatory, learning and received well by audiences. Readmore

The REACHOUT consortium meeting was held from 7th-16th October and was hosted by the Eijkman Institute in Cianjur, Indonesia. Readmore

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