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Challenge Facility for Civil Society Round:10 project Introduction and Assessment Finding Dissemination Workshop

REACH Ethiopia has been awarded the CFCS round 10 grants to improve health care seeking among urban poor, patient-provider interactions, community TB service monitoring & resource allocation by implementing advocacy, communication & engaging TB affected community. This project will be implemented at community level, targeting urban poor, raising their awareness/knowledge and improve health seeking behaviour, to ensure social sustainability at individual and community level.

In line with this, Challenge Facility for Civil Society Round: 10 project Introduction and Assessment Finding Dissemination Workshop was organized by REACH Ethiopia in collaboration with Addis Ababa City administration Health Bureau. To ensure the presence of all stakeholders the workshop was held in two roundson April 1&4, 2022 at IVY Hotel, Bishoftu, Ethiopia

The objective of the workshop was to familiarize staff of REACH Ethiopia and partners (Region Health Bureau and four civil society Organizations) with project scope, purpose, outcome and key activities. The findings from the assessment conducted in selected Health facilities and patients on TB treatment wasdisseminated for the audience to give highlight onstigma status in the community. It has been successfully concluded by presentations and discussions carried out during the meeting.

Executive director Meseret Aseffa during Dissemination workshop

REACH Ethiopia participated on 16th Annual TB research conference and world TB day commemoration

The 16th Annual TB research conference and world TB day commemoration celebration has been carried out from 21st to 24th 2022 in Hawassa, Ethiopia. Federal ministry of health state minster, national TB program officials, Regional and city administration health bureau officials, different international and national organizations working on TB , Neighbouring  country TB Program representatives and Researchers working towards achieving the national TB program have been part of the event. Policymakers, higher education institutions and partner organizations have also joined the commemoration and made the event very informative and colourful.

On this annual TB research conference and world TB day commemoration, different TB projects implemented by REACH Ethiopia were introduced for conference participants through promotional materials.Active TB case finding experience of USAID Urban TB LON Project was also presented by the project technical lead. Such platforms help REACH Ethiopia to disseminate information to larger community (TB program actors and academia) and share experiences with different organizations.

#The 16th Annual TB Research conference and #World TB day commemoration

#March 21-24,2022@Hawassa,Ethiopia

#”Invest to End TB. Save Lives.”

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TB Mass screening at Federal Prisons Administration  

The Federal prisons administration manages 6 prisons nationwide. The combination of overcrowding, poor ventilation and lack of adequate TB screening led prisons into a breeding ground and incubator for Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The transmission of the bacteria does not end with the prisoners but also to the staff of the prison with frequent and unprotected contacts.

 Underpinning this reality, one of the World TB Day commemoration activities by REACH Ethiopia through USAID Urban TB LON Project was performing mass screening and awareness creation to the prison community. The mass screening campaign was launched on Monday, 14th March 2022 at Kaliti prison prisons administration and continued the mass screening campaign for ten consecutive days. Ministry of health, Addis Ababa City Administration Health Bureau and St. Peter’s specialized hospital had accompanied REACH Ethiopia in this activity.

By the ten consecutive day’s mass screening campaign, a total of 3002 prisoners and the staff members were reached through symptomatic TB screening.  342 prisoners were found to be presumptive TB cases and samples were collected and evaluated. Among these, 8  confirmed TB cases were detected.

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REACH Ethiopia grew out of a TB project that started in 2010. This project introduced an innovative community package that engaged health extension workers (HEWs) to increase TB case detection and treatment adherence.

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