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Engaging the Community to Reach, Treat and Cure Tuberculosis

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Globally 1 in 3 people are infected with tuberculosis (TB) of which 1 in 10 will go on to develop TB disease during their lifetime. In 2013, there were 9 million new cases but consistently 3 million people were not diagnosed, treated, or officially registered by national TB programmers (NTPs). Many of those missed by the NTPs will die or follow ineffective treatments and most will continue to infect others. Among those missed are those most vulnerable to falling ill with TB including the very poor and/or malnourished or undernourished people, people living with HIV/AIDS, children and women, migrants, prisoners, refugees and internally displaced persons, miners, the elderly, ethnic minorities, indigenous populations, drug users and homeless persons. Every year, on the 24th March, the world marks World TB Day (#WTBD2015) to mobilize political and social commitment for further progress towards eliminating TB. This year the Stop TB Partnership continues for a second year its campaign to reach the 3 million people missed ( #ReachTreatCureEveryone)

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About Us

REACH Ethiopia grew out of a TB project that started in 2010. This project introduced an innovative community package that engaged health extension workers (HEWs) to increase TB case detection and treatment adherence.

Address: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia