REACH Ethiopia wins TB REACH Wave 9 Grantee. July22, 2021

The Wave 9 call for proposals was launched in January 2021 and received almost 300 applications from 24 countries all over the world with a total funding request of USD 145 million. All completed submissions were reviewed by an independent Proposal Review Committee (PRC), who selected 48 applicants to be invited to submit a more in-depth stage 2 proposal. These applications underwent another round of diligent review by the PRC. overall, 11 proposals from 8 countries were recommended for funding, and REACH Ethiopia become one of TB REACH Wave 9 Grantees from ”The Improving treatment adherence and outcomes project category.”

Felege Yordanos is one of the public primary schools in Kirkos sub-city where above 1500 students are enrolled from KG to 8th grade. REACH Ethiopia /USAID Urban TB LON project team has visited this school today and run awareness creation session with the students during their break time. The team had interactive conversation with the students and also distributed 1000 brochures to be shared with their peers. In June 14, 2021

REACH Ethiopia grew out of a TB project that started in 2010. This project introduced an innovative community package that engaged health extension workers (HEWs) to increase TB case detection and treatment adherence.
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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