Wave-9 & USAID Urban LON TB-Extension Launching

REACH Ethiopia launched USAID Urban TB LON Extension and TB REACH WAVE-9 Projects at Canopy Hotel, Adama, Ethiopia On December 16,2021

The project launching event was attended by the Minister of Health officials, Addis Ababa Health Bureau officials, partner organizations, media, REACH Ethiopia staff and other invited guests.

The event was opened by the welcoming speech of REACH Ethiopia’s Executive Director, Mr. Meseret Assefa. The Executive Director explained the immense work of REACH Ethiopia towards TB prevention and treatment for the last decades.  

welcoming speech of REACH Ethiopia’s executive director, Mr. Meseret Assefa.

Following the speech by REACH Ethiopia’s Executive Director, Taye Leta, Assistant Director of Disease Control and Prevention Director and NTP Manager at the Ministry of Health and Guest of Honor underline the severity of the Disease and how it has been affecting the community, especially through missing people with TB. Therefore, the guest stressed the relevance of the project and the potential contribution it can bring in reducing TB incidence and mortality and in improving quality of life.

Speech by Taye Leta, Assistant Director of Disease control and prevention director at the ministry of health

Dr. Getachew Wondmagne, Technical Director at REACH Ethiopia presented the objectives, targets and intervention areas of the Urban TB LON project. This project will expand the scope of support in Addis Ababa City Administration, Dire Dawa Administration and Harari Region. The support benefits more than 5,000,000 people directly or indirectly.

Introducing the TB REACH wave 9 Project, Mr. Wondimu G/Kiros, Technical Lead at REACH Ethiopia, then presented the objective, targets and intervention areas of the project followed by comments and questions from the plenary. Questions from the house were responded by Addis Ababa’s Health Bureau and REACH Ethiopia team.

Presentation by Mr. Wondimu G/Kiros, (Technical Lead) about Introducing the wave 9 project,

Finally, the launching event was officially closed by Ato Getu Bisa, Director of Disease Prevention of Addis Ababa city administration Health Bureau.

REACH Ethiopia grew out of a TB project that started in 2010. This project introduced an innovative community package that engaged health extension workers (HEWs) to increase TB case detection and treatment adherence.
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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