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USAID Challenge TB

REACH Ethiopia launched new project entitled “Strengthening Contact Investigation through Health System intervention” which is sub granted from USAID Funded KNCV/Challenge TB, project.
The meeting was started by welcoming speech done by Mr.Gemeda Bora Executive Director of REACH Ethiopia to the participants and honorable guests.

Then Mr. Derese Desalegn Head of Sidama Zone Health Department officially announce opening of the meeting.

Mr. Derese Dessalegn during his opening speech, addressed issues of health related problems and the need for priority to TB program in Sidama. He said “I am lucky to be here for opening speech for this launching program”, he added working together for implementation of TB program, in line with ending TB strategy is crucial and opportunity for strengthening efforts towards TB control. According to his statement, DR-TB remains a major threat in the zone, so districts selected for implementation of this project should have to be committed for plan in ending TB much more than ever. Finally, he announced officially the opening of the meeting to the audience.

Regional Health Bureau representative Mr. Maale Mate has addressed on his key messages about the previous projects of REACH Ethiopia (TB REACH project) in the region. According to his speech, REACH Ethiopia has created motivation and excellent result in TB prevention and control by implementing high impact innovative projects in the region. The result on TB prevention and control was successful and has contributed for MDG in 2015, However, the implementation was not sustained by government. The case detection of Sidama zone was reached 100% by the TB reach project. Currently in our region only 63% of TB cases detected, 37% undetected TB in the community not reached. This gap shows further need for collaboration with partners and community to overcome the problem of under achievement in TB program.

key note address Dr. Chala Negeri from Head quarter office of USAID Challenge TB has mentioned Challenge TB project in the country wide and the need of sub-grant with REACH Ethiopia. In his message he noted the Challenge TB project is ongoing implementation in Ethiopia, though this year is the last contract year, it has implemented for four years. Its sources of fund is USAID.
According to his speech, this agreement between REACH Ethiopia is based on the experience in community based implementation of projects by REACH Ethiopia. It believed to assist programmatic implementation of the project with expected better output from the project.

Mr. Gemda Bora Executive Director of REACH Ethiopia has presented the Genesis of REACH Ethiopia and Projects implemented by REACH Ethiopia till now.
REACH Ethiopia has grown from Dr. Mohamed Yassin research for PhD study in Dale; the finding was alarming and was turned to project to alleviate the problem of TB in the community. After a great struggle TB REACH project has started and grew to REACH Ethiopia today.
REACH Ethiopia has contributed a lot for the poor and for those individuals and families suffering from TB. It became successful today because of Sidama Zone health professionals, HEWs, Health workers in health center, District health office heads unrestricted support, these helped the organization to stand strong with innovative community based project implementation.
For scale –up of the project we need to be strong and in implementation of the project. All stakeholders need to be actively participated for the success of the project in project sites, for further and wider use of successful approaches in TB prevention and control programs.

According to Mr. Gemeda report, REACH Ethiopia has worked with different partners and donors, for its project implementation in the community. REACH Ethiopia received 100,000,000.00 Ethiopian Birr from donors for project implementation till today. Further, supported the PHCU by providing Microscopes, Motor bike, Computer, and GeneXpert machine to the health facilities. Moreover, capacity building, trainings workshops, supportive supervisions and mentorship by TB experts are some of supports and contribution from the organization in project implementation sites.
At his last speech Mr. Gemeda has focused for the need of strong collaboration for successful implementation of TB program in line with end TB strategy. He requested all partners to be hand and glove for better effort in stopping TB.

The three panelists were:

  • Derese Desalegn Head of SZHD
  • Maale Mate RHB Planning Department
  • Gemeda Bora: REACH Ethiopia ED

The general discussion leader Mr. Derese Desalegn (Head SZHD) for implementation of successful project objectives, we should have to discuss all issues which is unclear here and find solution to have common idea and understanding.

Collaboration and coordination among key stakeholder listed below would help for better result:

  • Health workers
  • HDAs
  • Religious fathers
  • Community contribution
  • HDAs and 1’5 network
  • Creating Model family in every aspect of health need to be priority area.
  • Improve case detection in the community, HEWS and health works have a lion’s share in implementation.
  • Some patients could not able to take treatment for longer period of time they loss to follow-up many of these can be prevented by counseling and continuous education on benefit and risk of not taking treatment regularly.
  • Need to remember something which is we need to use partner rather than partners use us. Opportunities to use those partners must not have lost.
  • Today it seems only few districts will be included in such projects, I hope scale up to other districts will be done after this project success and We hope we will be successful. We have to collaborate and coordinate activities in all levels. We do not underestimate what REACH Ethiopia is doing in our those though number of projects is becoming lower here in Sidama zone.

Mr. Webalem Mengesha Planning and resource mobilization manager has presented the composition of participants and guests of the meeting followed by discussing the objectives of the meeting to Various stakeholders; MoH at all levels, BoFED, Zonal and woreda, donors, NGOs, Religious Organizations, Health Facilities, Media and staffs

Mr. Abiot Program mangager has presented the project overview to audience:

The program has presented the objectives of the project entitled ’’strengthening contact investigation through health system intervention’’

  • Objectives of the project
  • Intervention activities
  • Contribution of the project
  • Output expected
  • Target population
  • Budget were presented to the audience.

About Us

REACH Ethiopia grew out of a TB project that started in 2010. This project introduced an innovative community package that engaged health extension workers (HEWs) to increase TB case detection and treatment adherence.

Address: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia