Orientation for REACH Ethiopia Staffs

REACH Ethiopia provided orientation for USAID ETBE project staffs which conducted in March 11-12/2021 in collaboration with MSH. Orientation stayed for 2 days as continued from launching session of March 11/2021. The aims of Project orientation meeting were to create awareness and common understanding among project staffs regarding project implementation. Integrated refresher training for HEWs on […]

On March 18, 2021 Performance meeting

Coalition Partners of USAID Urban TB LON Project conducted a meeting to discuss the current performance of the project, bottlenecks encountered and possible solutions to address the issues. As part of the WTB2021 commemoration, community level awareness creation and screening will be conducted in the next two weeks and responsibilities were assigned to each coalition […]


Project Launching and Awareness Creation meetingProject launching workshop was conducted in March 11/2021 at Hawassa town in the presence of all relevant stakeholders. Invited participants from Sidama Regional health bureau, SNNP Regional health bureau, Hadiya Zone health department, All 20 project implementing woreda health office, MSH head office and regional office staffs, REACH Ethiopia head […]


TB mass screening and social mobilization campaign done by REACH Ethiopia for the celebration of WORLD TB DAY in all sub cities of Addis Ababa . on March 24, 2021


Open Data Kit (ODK) electronic data capture tool training was given for REACH Ethiopia staffs on March 20/2021 at Nexus Hotel Addis Ababa .The use of electronic data collection will improve the timeliness and quality of the data collected for USAID Urban TB LON project

REACH Ethiopia wins TB REACH Wave 9 Grantee. July22, 2021

The Wave 9 call for proposals was launched in January 2021 and received almost 300 applications from 24 countries all over the world with a total funding request of USD 145 million. All completed submissions were reviewed by an independent Proposal Review Committee (PRC), who selected 48 applicants to be invited to submit a more […]


USAID Urban TB LON project launching event By Birhane Tadesse-ACSM Advisor USAID Urban TB LON project was launched virtually on Tuesday, September 29, 2020. REACH-Ethiopia and its Consortium implement Urban TB Local Organizations Network (LON) project.Urban TB LON has been awarded to REACH-Ethiopia by The United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The project aims […]

USAID-MSH-ETBE project training on April 29, 2021

REACH Ethiopia is sub-grantee for USAID Eliminate TB project of MSH, which is implemented at Sidama Region and SNNPR, Hadiya zone with an objective of improving community contribution through strengthening community structures (HEWs & WDAs) ,the health system referral and linkage to result in reduced incidence and mortality of Tuberculosis. To achieve the above aim […]

4th Global Symposium on Health Systems Research was held in Vancouver convention center, Canada from 14-18 Nov 2017 on the title of abstract

Data collection training was given on October, 7-8/2016 at Yirgalem town. More than 120 participants were trained; and they all are directly involved in data and sample collection procedure.Participants of training: data collectors 76 HEWs, 38 health professionals from 36 kebeles and 1 district TB focal, 1 district office head, Reach Ethiopia staff (facilitator) and […]

REACH Ethiopia grew out of a TB project that started in 2010. This project introduced an innovative community package that engaged health extension workers (HEWs) to increase TB case detection and treatment adherence.
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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